Revolutions Pack 9 Configuration

This page was created to help people install Revolutions Pack 9. Listed below is the software, needed for bringing a Windows 98 system up to modern standards. Make sure to install the files in the presented order.
     Tip: use setup.exe /p i when installing Windows 98. This ensures that all controllers will be installed directly on the PCI bus, instead of through ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface). All modern computers use their own built-in ACPI.


These downloads are meant for those who "Lited" their Win98 system. Win98SE or WinME users should probably not install these.
     98Lite is a product from LitePC. You can download their "Free Preview". It's fully functional and unlimited. You get the chubby version by default. If you pay, there's an additional "Micro" option, which reduces Win98 to USB-stick proportions.

Internet Explorer 5 (2 MB)
Internet Explorer 5 versions of Comctl32.dll, DCOM98 (OLE Automation/ActiveEx), (Trebuchet MS, new Windows system font).
The basic files for RP9 to work on a "lite" system. Copy the Comctl32.dll to the C:\Windows\System directory, and run Setup for the others. If you don't want to fiddle around with dll files, install IE6 (listed below).

Internet Explorer 6 (0.5 MB)
Internet Explorer 6 versions of Shlwapi.dll, user32.dll.
The basic files for RP9 to work on a "lite" system. Copy the files to the C:\Windows\System directory. If you don't want to fiddle around with dll files, install IE6 (listed below).

DirectX 8.1 (11.8 MB)
Multimedia upgrade.
Download from Microsoft

MS Installer 2.0 (1.7 MB)
For modern installation packs (.msi)

Revolutions Pack 9

Tihiy Ahanix's wonderful Windows 98 skinning package. Learn more about it at the MSFN Developers network. There's also some documentation if you want to build custom skins yourself.

Revolutions Pack 9.1.0 (2.2 MB)
Make your Windows 98 machine look like XP, Vista etc: 32-bit transparent icons (Alpha blending), ClearType, Menu effects
Download from Tihiy's web-site.

RP9 Updates (1.2 MB)
Updates for running the RPConfig Control Panel.
Download from Tihiy's web-site.

GDI Fix (0.3 MB)
The Unofficial gdi32.dll & gdi.exe Fix by MDGx. This one is for Win98 First Edition. Use below link if you have SE or ME.
Download from the MDGx web-site. You have to manually copy the link to your version and paste it into the adress-bar of your browser.


Various authors have been busy creating themes for UberSkin, the skinning engine in RP9 and LameSkin, the predecessor of UberSkin. Some of the themes don't show properly. This is because they were created during the development of Uberskin, before it went into Revolutions Pack 9.
     Every theme has 1 folder and 1 .reg file with the same name. Put these in the C:\Windows\System\Resources\Themes folder and double-click the .reg file. Now you can change to the theme using RPConfig.

RP9 Icon Pack (8.6 MB)
Extension of the RP9 default icons by Dandee. Provides additional icons with the typical Windows XP/Vista and Tango look (System Icons, Shell Folders, IE, Media Player, Streams, Control Panel).

Xstyle's Theme Pack (5.9 MB)
Theme package by Xstyle. Contains 10 themes, in various flavours: AeroClassic, AquaXP, Longhorn 4008, NovumOS, TenetXP, VistaRevolution, VistaUltimateBlack, XPEnergy. Also contains some nice wallpapers.

Crystal Dlb (0.1 MB)
Macintosh style by dlb. Needs some work, though.

Luna Homestead & Metallic (0.1 MB)
Port of the original Windows XP metallic theme by Zoinkity.

Ubuntu Human (0.1 MB)
Very stylish port of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux flavour by marxo. The scrollbars are missing.
The installer creates its folder in the "Resources", instead of the "Themes" folder.

Windows 3.1 (0.01 MB)
Retro-port of the original 3.11 version by Chozo4. Looks cool with the Tango icons.


These are additional softwares which are not required for RP9 but might come in handy. Personally, I like FireFox 2.0 because it is the last fully Win98 compatible browser capable of outclassing Internet Explorer 6 and even 7 in displaying the newest web-sites properly.

Internet Explorer 6 UK (20 MB, full version)
Contains the essential Comctl32.dll, Shlwapi.dll, user32.dll libraries. Makes the Windows Explorer look even prettier with RP9.
Download from Microsoft (via downloader)

FireFox 2.0 US (5.7 MB)
The last Win98 stable version. Safe browsing, sites still render as well as in IE7. Shows flash movies (YouTube) like it should be.
Be sure to install the Flash player also.

Flash Player 9.0.47 (1.1 MB)
View Flash movies, etc.
For some reason, the Flash plugin doesn't work in IE. Maybe it's better that way. IE is reported to use 100% memory when playing Flash movies.

Google Toolbar 3.0 plugin FF (1.1 MB)
Google toolbar for FireFox. Adds specific search tools, like "Search This Site".
Open the .xpi file in FF. WARNING: Disable the updates feature in the options dialog (Advanced/Update). FireFox will try to update to version The Google toolbar will stop functioning in that version.

Google Toolbar 3.0 plugin IE (0.6 MB)
Google toolbar for Internet Explorer. Adds specific search tools, like "Search This Site".
Run install.bat.

Native USB 3.2 (1 MB)
Generic driver for USB mass storage devices by Maximus Decim. Recognizes most USB sticks without needing to install the driver. Probably not needed for SE or ME systems.
Just remember to point the dialog to C:\Windows\System in case the stick is not detected immediately. For more info about supported Win98 versions, check out the download page at Technical Assistance.

MSN Messenger 5.0 (2.5 MB)
The last Win98 compatible version for MSN chat. Still has all the features, but without the excessive advertising :-).

FileZilla 2.2 (1.7 MB)
The coolest FTP program on the Web.

WinVNC 3.3 (1 MB)
Remote desktop for Windows 98 by AT&T Research Labs.

Terminal Server Client 5.1 (3.5 MB)
Open a desktop connection to an XP machine or Terminal Server.
Will be installed as a communications tool (Start Menu/Programs/Accessiories/Communication).

SeaMonkey 1.1 US (13 MB)
FireFox's little sister. Based on the same source code, but faster. Needless to say that both are off-spring from the infamous Netscape browser.
Be sure to install the Flash player also.